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Anxiety in a colorful world: Get to know our worried minds through 'Inside Out 2'

Feeling your heart race before an important presentation or sweating as you prepare to meet new people? These are all signs of anxiety, much like what Riley experienced in Pixar's Inside Out 2 when she faced her first high school hockey camp. We've all been there. Yet, some people may not fully realize how much anxiety impacts their daily lives.

Presence of agitation or anxiety 

In Inside Out 2, anxiety isn't just a feeling; it's personified as an orange character with big eyes and messy hair, speaking quickly and worrying constantly. When characters like this take over in our minds, it reflects times when anxiety has dominated our thoughts and actions

The impact of anxiety on daily life

As anxiety rises in Riley's heart, we see how it affects her decision-making and self-confidence, leading to self-doubt—a common experience in real life. Many times, overthinking or avoiding situations can be traced back to anxiety.

Physical expression of anxiety

Anxiety isn't just in our heads; it affects our bodies too. When we're worried, we might experience a fast heartbeat, sweating, trembling, or nausea. Recognizing these physical signs is often the first step in managing anxiety. Understanding the connection between our thoughts and physical sensations helps us calm our minds and bodies.

Anxiety is not the enemy

In Inside Out 2, the character 'Anxiety' is portrayed with good intentions, wishing the best for Riley, even though it's often misunderstood. Similarly, our own anxiety isn't a flaw or weakness; it's a natural response that can sometimes be overwhelming. Anxiety can even be beneficial, helping us prepare for important events or stay alert in dangerous situations. Learning to manage anxiety effectively is key, rather than letting it control us.

How can we deal with this anxiety?

The film teaches valuable lessons in dealing with anxiety, like deep breathing and open communication with trusted friends. These are methods we can apply in real life. Inside Out 2 also addresses how anxiety intensifies during adolescence and early adulthood, as Riley faces the challenges of puberty and new social environments—a common experience in real life.

Growing up comes with anxiety

However, like Riley, many of us can grow, adapt, and learn to manage anxiety over time. This journey mirrors real-life experiences, where dealing with anxiety becomes easier with practice and support from those around us.

Seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. We all deserve happiness and success, even in the face of life's anxieties.

Nowadays, technology makes support more accessible than ever. If anxiety becomes overwhelming, remember that expert help is just a click away. Apps like Doctor Anywhere allow personal consultations with mental health professionals or psychiatrists, anytime and anywhere. Expert support can provide effective, personalized solutions to help manage worries confidently.

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Reference: Pixar's Inside Out (2024)

Images: Disney

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