A high standard of excellence in everything we do.

Our Mission

We believe in using technology and innovation to transform the way people access healthcare, and provide a seamless integration of the online and offline healthcare experience.


DA Value


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

We are not afraid to ask hard questions and challenge the status quo to find a better way of doing things, every single day.


Serve with kindness and heart.

We can always show care, compassion and empathy, even when our users have bad days.


Timing is everything, not perfection.

We are not wrapped up in trying to get everything perfect at one go. We stay relevant to our users’ needs with constant and consistent improvements.


Be the role model for change.

To demonstrate boldness and tenacity to champion positive changes and elevate the standard of healthcare in our community.


Our users’ needs and well-being always come first.

We hold ourselves to the highest level of integrity and moral standards in all our actions and decisions, to deliver programmes that improve the welfare of our users.


We listen closely to data.

Real world insights backed by algorithms and data science drive our decisions and roadmaps, not individual interests or persuasion.

The best ideas win, not hierarchy

No red tape and complex reporting lines. Our people are free to explore fresh new ideas, and work together harmoniously without prejudice or politics.


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