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Health Talk for Employees

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| Health Talk for Employees

      Mental wellness in the workplace is a crucial aspect of overall employee well-being and  organizational success.

Creating a supportive and mentally healthy work environment

benefits both employees and employers.

In this Health Talk Activity (Human Resource Development)
guide, we'll explore various aspects of mental wellness

in the workplace, including understanding mental health,

recognizing common challenges, and implementing strategies

for improvement.

Prices start at

12,000 THB

| Trending in 2024 | Mental Health

  • How to heal burnt out from work.

  • An open world begins with an open minded: How to improve understanding of feedback

  • Put the right man to the "like" job 

  • Stress Management 

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| Trending in 2024 | Physical Health

  • Eat Am Are: Eating for good health while maintaining a lifestyle.

  • Healthy Sleep: How to sleep well and have fun at work.

  • Healthy ways to lose weight: Weight loss techniques.

  • Sick Building Syndrome: Building allergies, dangers close to 99% of people overlook.

| Premium Workplace Health Workshop

Premium workshop activities for employees' physical and mental well-being, tailored to organizational needs. Activities can be chosen according to preference, or we are happy to provide guidance on topics and activities to enhance efficient work, contributing to overall organizational growth.

Topics for discussion and activities include:

  • Stress management + aromatherapy

  • Office Syndrome + Yoga

  • Deep relaxation techniques + Sound therapy

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 Because the mental health of employees affects their work performance and leads to good results at the organizational level. Your team's mental health matters.

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